Apart from serving as a deputy for the domain of Högvadsåns Fiskevårdsområde, Laila's well is mainly filled with poetry and short stories.
The Gallery above can also be reached from my swedish website at www.lailanorman.se where I also have my blog.

My book, Breed in the air, can now be ordered.

Meet Sigh, the Librarian, Ozzy - the talking little furry creature that no-one understands, Dr Jeale, Mike - the very cool saxophone player, and of course Simoriah - the foxy lady. I'm sure you will have your moment of entertainment!

Synopsis: Sigh is out on one of his nightly walks. Mainly to get som fresh air but also to get some fresh thoughts into his head that would convince him he's not going mad. Instead he's ending up in some kind of hospital and then a foxy lady gets him out and gives him experiences he could never dream of. It turns out that the Internet could spread dangerous thoughts and together with some mad scientists' idea of breeding, the consequences would be catastrophic. Sigh is the chosen one. He must find a way to stop it all. And on top of it all, he's fallen in love...

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