Alice in Wonderland

With slumbering brain
the food on the plate
turns easily into a colorful picture,
and her false teeth are laughing
in the milk glass.

People coming, lifting, pulling,
saying: stand and walk.
You're going to the toilet.
"Walk on do-do de lee..."
she has to laugh!

But stiff are the legs,
don't want to walk, not to sit.
"Alice, please try to bend you knees..."
"Get, to let, sweat?"
in her eyes, all wondering fear.

Back to the table again,
no food, another time, coffee.
Words are replaced with chaos,
but she very well knows:
you get fat from cake!

"Tummy", she says, pointing,
and people around her are smiling.
Somewhere inside her
she feels understanding.
Happily she runs her finger down through the cake.