Cinderella is dancing with her prince.
She entered the ballroom at nine
and is happily dancing ever since.

A ticket she got from the fairy
that got her right into
the time that was long ago.
No reason at all to be wary.
The one she always have loved
though chances were tight
will now with a twenty year shove
be hers for one night.

With eyes closed she’s lost in his arms.
She can’t get away from his charm.
But Now and Then will evidently meet.
This magic is not forever,
so stop your dancing feet.
The present-time will bring a taxi,
driver’s humorless and sour.
No juggling ‘round with carriages
and pumpkins, that’s for sure.
With a lingering scent from
his skin and his hair
she’s taken back, relentlessly
to that time she recently
thought was no longer there.

The fairy, now pretty weary
says: Isn’t the ending quite scary?
Alone in the dark she misses
his arms and his kisses.

Cinderella with eyes closed
treads the dance in her dreams.
Enchanted reality
is never quite what it seems.